App Store description:

Sypher enables you to encrypt and decrypt almost any file on your device using highest industry standard encryption.

Whether you want to send private files or simply store them safely on your device, with Sypher this is possible. With just a few clicks almost any file can easily be encrypted and is safe against prying eyes. And decrypting it is just as easy. After importing your files through iTunes or many other apps on your Device (for example Evernote, Documents, Dropbox, etc.), simply chose to encrypt/decrypt a file, enter the password and you are done.

You can store the files directly in the app or export them to a number of other apps, send them or extract them through iTunes.

Using Sypher disables the need to store any passwords anywhere. This results in highest security for you and your data!


  • AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Quick and easy file encryption/decryption.
  • Simultaneously encrypt/decrypt multiple files.
  • Password strength indicator.
  • Import and export file with iTunes.
  • Import files from other apps.
  • Export files to other apps.
  • Sypher registered file ending for better identification of encrypted files.
  • No password is ever stored anywhere!

Of course you can also encrypt/decrypt your files on your Mac using Sypher for OS X available in the Mac App Store!