App Store description:

Scullie is a nice way of preparing messages to be sent at a specific time.

Simply add a message, set up a group or person you want to send it to and choose the date it should be sent. You will then automatically be notified and can then send the message with just one tap. If you like you can even repeat the message for example on a yearly basis for birthdays etc. And course you don’t have to type in a person and number yourself, just choose contacts from your address book.


  • Group oder single person messages
  • Supports SMS, iMessage Email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Choose contacts from AddressBook
  • Add images to Reminders (from camera or photo library)
  • Choose date from calendar
  • Set up repeat dates for messages (i.e. monthly, yearly, etc.)
  • Backup your data to iCloud (synchronize between devices)
  • Manage saved Templates
  • Manage saved Images
  • App does not have to run in the background

You will never forget to send a message for an occasion again!

(Please be aware that it is compulsory for the user to confirm before sending a message and therefor the app cannot send automatically.)