App Store description:

Fun time well spent: Quizcover innovates the very core of trivia gaming, making it more fun and more informative at the same time. Besides the traditional PickOne trivia question type, it features two more advanced types: PickSome (multiple answers are correct) and MatchTwo (drag and drop objects to form correct pairs). No more monotony!

Three types of boosters – plus the Joker, which solves an entire question – give you unprecedented tactical options:

  • you can simplify things by removing one item at a time
  • you can get a part of the solution, and
  • you can receive hints in the form of colored items or alternative question texts.

If you use boosters on a question but don’t score, you get your boosters back so you can use them next time.

You can also get additional chances to answer a question.

Numerous contests, challenges and trophies provide opportunities for you to set and achieve your personal goals:

  • reach higher levels (overall and by topic)
  • build record streaks and superstreaks (only in single-player mode, which is a premium feature)
  • play duels with friends
  • start a Joker Party and invite your friends
  • numerous rankings (from annual down to daily, from worldwide down to key metropolitan areas)
  • achievement medals
  • personal records

Encyclopedic information and bookmarkable links appear after questions. Quizcover is furthermore capable of presenting multiple related facts in a single question. You get to expand your knowledge while having fun.

You can play a mix of questions from all topics, or you can elect to play a single topic. On each question, you collect points for your overall score, and typically you also score on one more topics at the same time.