iEV 3


App Store description:

Electric Car Library

iEV comes with a library of current electric cars on the market, ready to be driven by you.

This selection includes the basic information about the cars and it’s continuously updated to give you the possibility to test some of todays most exciting cars.

New interface

The iEV interface has been reinvented from scratch. The usability has been improved a lot compared to our previous version iEV 2.

New capabilities

iEV 3 is able to simulate all electric cars in the library at the same time. iEV 3 is also able to update the car’s library via the internet.

iEV has a precise algorithm - developed by scientists

Our algorithm was developed by scientists and engineers in Germany, based on measurements of various electric vehicles. Thanks to its design, it provides enough precision on the calculation and conserving as much power on your phone as possible.

Save money with iEV

iEV can help you save real money! It will tell you which electric car to buy, and will prevent you from buying a car that doesn’t fit your needs.

Reduce Range Anxiety

Range Anxiety is electric mobility’s deterrent no. 1. By trying any electric car in a safe environment (driving in your normal car and using iEV),  you can learn a lot about your true needs and how your favorite electric car would have performed.

Users of iEV can make buying decisions with an in depth understanding of the electric car they choose.